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 Secure Border - Voter ID Laws - Pro 1st & 2nd Amendment - Term Limits - America First   

My name is

Chris Sarappo and

I am a write-in candidate running for Congress in Arizona.

For years the political leaders in both parties, have betrayed their constituents. They have used their positions to enrich themselves while fleecing the tax payer. 

We need to avoid paper ballots. Voting in person with an!

The media facilitates fraud by censoring truth and promoting lies on a daily basis.





The "Big Lie", is that Buffoon Biden got 81 million votes. 













See for yourself what voter fraud looks like. Play video below..














There is hope to save our country from the globalist who occupy BOTH political parties.  

Patriots like YOU are the new wave of freedom-loving citizens who want to make a difference. YOU are the future of America!

Dr. Ron Paul

once told me,

while I was

working on

his Presidential

campaign in

North Carolina, that

Patriots will be called traitors, terrorist, racist, porveyors of misinformation and any other slanderous things the media can spew.  




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All Videos

All Videos
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2000 Mules (2022) Trailer

2000 Mules (2022) Trailer

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